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Clear Label Sensor – Label Sensor Manufacturer

Voxintech Label Sensor manufacturer & Supplier reliable detection of a wide variety of labels and carrier materials such as transparent or metallic labels. Voxintech label sensors are easy for setup and user friendly label detection even a high conveyor speeds.

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Ultrasonic label sensor detection of transparent labels on transparent carrier material & technology with a best price in any other brand of Clear Label Sensor and its use for Packaging Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry for Label Gap Sensor, Label Sensor for Transparent (Clear) Material.

Special Features of Voxintech Label Sensor

  • NPN and PNP,LO/DO total configurable
  • Sensing Distance 0-3MM
  • Housing Material Painted aluminum structure
  • Connector – M 12 connector (4 pin)
  • IP 65 protection degree
  • Opto electric fork sensor for opaque material labels with connector M8 4-pin
  • Best use for long-term processing
  • Extremely fast label changing during continuous operation or dynamic teaching functions