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Ultrasonic Sensor for all Application

Ultrasonic Sensors are used around the world and used all the industrial applications. Voxintech Industrial Ultrasonic Sensor are best category sensor for all Industrial Machine and Application, its used for high Frequency and Completely Waterproof Long Lasting Sensor. Our Ultrasonic Sensor is a high Frequency sound waves and convert electric energy into acoustic energy and vice versa. Sound Waves are transmitted and reflected from the target back.

Voxintech Ultrasonic Sensor for all Industrial Application Characterized by their reliability and Outstanding Versatility. Ultrasonic Sensor can be solve all the complex task like Object Detection , Measuring and Monitoring Liquid Level Detection, Stack Height Monitoring, Slack Monitoring and Roll Diameter & Tension Control.

Our Sensors use in these Sectors :

  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Water Tank Level Monitoring
  • Oil Tank Level Monitoring
  • Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Industry
  • Contruction
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Ultrasonic Sensor – Industrial Sensor Manufacturer

Voxintech has been design & Developing a best category sensor for a industrial Machine and industrial application. Voxintech manufacturing a highest quality sensor for automation technology. Our sensor use for all standard application as well as customized solution. Voxintech provide a best quality sensor, made in France and top industrial sensor manufacturer and distributor.

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Applications Using Voxintech Ultrasonic Sensors:

  • Distance Measurement Sensor
  • Object Detection Sensor
  • Roll Diameter & Tension Control
  • Liquid Level Detection/Measurement/Control
  • Stack Height Monitoring
  • Oil Level Monitoring
  • Box sorting using ultrasonic monitoring system
  • Water Level Monitoring/Measuring
  • Slack Monitoring Ultrasonic Distance Sensor