Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Measure distances accurately regardless of the surface, colour or transparency of the material. Voxin Tech offers premium quality ultrasonic distance sensors to multiple facilities across the country. Being one of the most reliable Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Manufacturers in Delhi/NCR, our company is dedicated to ease your logistical operations by offering cutting-edge sensors. The long range and easy to use features make this sensor extremely reliable and useful for different applications. We also offer Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for testing conditions. They also come with a wide variety of useful features and you can avail them in different variants. For example, we offer Compact Ultrasonic Sensor for carrying it around easily.

Key Features Of Our Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensor:

  • Universal Object Identification - These sensors are quite flexible in their operations with non-contact detection of any surfaces, colour, material or transparency even in soiled environments.
  • Process Safety - Since you get fast and reliable measuring results, safety of the process is increased considerably.
  • Easy Configuration - You can easily configure different readings or range by a few touches of the pushbutton.

Our company is known as one of the most dependable Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor Exporters and Suppliers in India. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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