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Voxin Tech was established in 2007 by Mr.AJS Rajpoot to introduce and transform the industry of ultrasonic sensor manufacturing. Mr. Rajpoot had and still carries that vision of introducing new, cutting-edge technology in these sensors to increase the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of package handling or simply logistical solutions. Over the years, we have gradually improved our products and expanded our client base, becoming one of the leading Analog Sensors Manufacturers in Delhi/NCR along the way.

The growth of our company in a time period of over a decade has been rapid. The production capacity has increased considerably and a large pool of prestigious companies put their trust in us for availing premium quality sensors.

Company Profile

Precision & Efficiency

Precision and efficiency are the two qualities that matter the most when it comes to sensors. Every effort is towards easing the routine operations of our client companies. The company is dedicated to pushing the traditional boundaries of innovation and coming up with much better products equipped with advanced technology. Everything from our Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor to Digital Sensor is reflective of the standards of quality we maintain in our products.

Powered By Advanced Technology

We are constantly working on developing new technology to make our products better and smarter. Their capability of reading or detecting even low-contrast labels and avoid false triggers are the result of the same efforts. We have become one of the most trusted Color Mark Detection Sensor Exporters and Suppliers in India. You can know more about our products by exploring our product range.

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